Woodham Middle School

The Woodham Family

Below, you will find a listing of our current faculty and staff. With few exceptions, they are listed by department area. Clicking on a teacher's name will take you to the teacher's web page (if applicable), while clicking on the envelope next to the teacher's name will allow you to send an email to the teacher.


Lincoln, Gary Counselor (Students A-M)
Westmark, Tammy Counselor (Students N-Z)

Business, Technology, and Consumer Sciences

Atkinson, Kenneth Teacher
Bowen, Deborah Teacher
Chambers, Hedie Teacher
Coleman, April Business Ed Teacher
Cordier, Jonathan Business/Technology Teacher
Martin, Mollie Personal Development Teacher
Miller, Lori Technology Coordinator
Smith, Walter MOS IT Teacher/Business Ed Teacher

Fine and Performing Arts

Foster, Winston Art Teacher
Leigh, Ashley Orchestra Teacher
Snyder, Christopher Band Teacher

Exceptional Student Education

Barr, Deanna Math & Gifted Teacher
Fisher, Stan Resource Teacher
Joachim, Susan Access Points 8th Grade Teacher
Johnson, Samantha 6th & 7th Grade Access Points Teacher
Kapp, Stanley Resource Teacher
McCormack, Michael ESE Department Chair and Resource Teacher
Patrick, Domonique 6th Grade ESE Teacher
Powell, Janet Resource Teacher

Language Arts

Brummet, Tyler 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Copeland, Deborah 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Melton-Buffington, Nancy Teacher
Mihalik, Wendi 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Reynolds, Sandra 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Seigle, James 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher


Bailey, John 6th Grade Math Teacher
Barr, Deanna Math & Gifted Teacher
Davis, Marilyn 6th Grade Math Teacher
Mendez, Francisco 8th Grade Math Teacher
O'Connor, Danielle 7th Grade Math Teacher
Sutton, Anthony Algebra and 8th Grade Math Teacher

Physical Education

Lee, Blake P.E. Teacher
Rowland, Susan P.E. Teacher
Watson, Scott P.E. Teacher


Chacon, Beth Teacher
Coyle, Mary 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Mitchell, Lolita 7th Grade Reading Teacher
Scott, Lisa 6th Grade Reading Teacher
Steward, Derek 8th Grade Reading Teacher


Cobb, Laquette 8th Grade Science Teacher
Hanna, Larry (850) 494-7140 Britannica Science Teacher
Johns, Jordan 7th Grade Science Teacher
Leary, Jessica 6th Grade Science Teacher
Mobley, Shelton 6th Grade Science Teacher
Parsons, Kiesha 6th Grade Science Teacher
Steen, Gregory Agriscience Teacher

Social Studies

DeGraaf, Keila 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
HYDER, CHERI 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Kerr, Sarah 8th Grade History Teacher
Norstum, Amber 7th Grade Civics Teacher
Wilcox, Krysta (850) 494-7140 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
WILLIAMS, SUMMER 7th Grade Civics Teacher

Innovation Center, Clinic, and Other Departments

Broome, William ALS Teacher
McCormack, Hazel Innovative Center/Media Specialist
McCorvey, Gearlene ILR Teacher
Thompson, David Dean