Woodham Middle School

Last Edited: September 28, 2017

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"Let us be your BIGGEST FAN!"


BEST Competition 2017 CROSSFIRE

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Emerald Coast BEST Hub

Emerald Coast BEST Hub

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Auburn University Headquarters

BEST Robotics Headquarters

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Crossfire Teaser

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Game Strategy

To play our BEST in the competition we had to create a game strategy. After much debate we decided to:

1. Get a OSOW permit.

2. Transport Nacelle and hub/blade to the assembly site.

3. Transport the blades to the assembly site.

4. Open the gate.


BEST Robotics, Boosts Engineering, Science, and Technology in today's students. This becomes a mind set on the possible outcomes of our futures while also giving us an experience that we won't forget. This program teaches us how to understand technology and to use mathematics to be successful in the career paths we wish to pursue. Also it teaches us what to do in a malfunction of technology. If it's broke, fix it!


This Saturday, October 28th we competed in the BEST Robotics competition at the University of West Florida against middle and high schools from all along the Gulf Coast. At the end of the day our Robot made it into the Wildcard round of the playoffs and we won the following awards:


1st Place Software Design

1st Place Website

1st Place Engineering Notebook

2nd Place Teamwear (T-shirt)

3rd Place Spirit and Sportsmanship

3rd Place Team Exhibit and Interview


3rd Place OVERALL! The BEST Award


Thank you to all of the parents and students for all of your dedication and hardwork.

Thank you to all of the teachers and staff who let students come to my room to complete work on the robot, bought t-shirts, and covered classes. We couldn't have done it without you. 


Springhill BEST Day!


Three of our robotics students participated in Springhill Hospital's BEST day! Students learned all about robots that are used in the medical field. The event was held at Springhill Memorial Hospital in Mobile, Alabama. Over 100 students from around the Gulf Coast participated in the event.